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Call Center

When you call

When a member calls for roadside assistance, AAA Colorado's call takers ask a lot of questions. Here are some examples.

Are you safe?

Only you can tell if you feel safe where your vehicle is disabled. One driver may feel perfectly safe waiting alone beside the road. Another driver may feel unsafe in the same situation. If so, tell the call taker. AAA Colorado can call family members, a taxi or the police to get you to a safe place until a service vehicle arrives.

What is your location?

An accurate street address makes it easiest for AAA's service providers to locate the disabled vehicle. If you don't have a street address, tell the call taker what street or highway you are on. Providing cross-streets can be helpful. Which direction were you heading? Are there any visible landmarks nearby? If the vehicle is in the parking lot of a business, which side of the building is it on?

What type of vehicle do you have?

The car's make, model, color and license plate can all help the service provider locate it on arrival. In addition, different types of service vehicles may be required for different types of cars.

What is the vehicle problem?

The more the call taker knows about the situation, the easier it is to dispatch a service provider who is properly equipped to help.

Whether that means changing a tire, providing locksmith service or even installing a new battery, answering questions during the call means a faster, more effective response to get your vehicle up and running again.


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