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Registered Traveler program at DIA

This January, Denver International Airport will join the national Registered Traveler (RT) program, which is intended to accelerate the security screening process at participating airports for passengers who voluntarily enroll.

Participants in the RT program pay an annual fee-currently expected to be $100-and have their fingerprints and iris scans recorded. Applications are checked by the federal government prior to approval. An identity card is then issued, providing the traveler with access to a separate, faster line through airport security. Normal security procedures still apply to registered travelers.

Airports already using the program are Albany, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Little Rock, New York (JFK), Newark, Orlando, Reno, San Francisco, San Jose and Westchester County (NY). LaGuardia (NY) is also scheduled to open an RT lane soon.

The program at Denver International Airport is known as Clear, and is run by Verified Identity Pass, Inc, in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Clear is the largest RT program currently operating at U.S. airports, with 73,000 passengers signed up nationwide. More information can be found on the company's website,

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