Donít wing it when it comes to motorcycle safety

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With our sunny days and scenic byways, Colorado offers motorcyclists an opportunity to ride almost year round. Whether you have years of experience or are just getting started, the best way to enjoy the ride safely is to get proper training.

Colorado statistics show that 33% of the 88 riders involved in fatalities last year had little or no training. More than half of the riders who died were over age 45. To ensure safety on the roads and save lives, the Colorado Department of Transportation encourages all riders to take a beginning or advanced training class to improve their skills.

To drive a motorcycle in Colorado, you must have the proper ďMĒ endorsement on your driverís license. One way to get that endorsement is through a state-supported training program called MOST (Motorcycle Operator Safety Training). Riders benefit from high-quality, low-cost training, and on passing the class, can simply take the completion card to a state driverís license office to get an endorsement with no further testing.

Proper gear can also be a lifesaver. Helmets are the most important equipment (legally, operators and riders under 18 must wear them) and Colorado law requires all riders to wear eye protection. And donít forget suitable clothing to protect your body in the event of a crash or changes in the weather.

Riding a motorcycle takes skill, concentration, balance and coordination under normal conditions, so you can imagine how quickly alcohol or drugs can turn a perfect ride into a nightmare. The safest choice is to never ride after drinking alcohol.

So, before you hit the road, make sure you are properly trained, are wearing appropriate safety gear and have a plan for getting home safely. For more details, visit

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