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Trapped in Purgatory?

Recently I discovered the drawback of using a competing roadside assistance service. When I told them I was just out of Purgatory, the out-of-state call taker didn’t know what I was talking about! I will stick to AAA with its local call center from now on.

—Sallie T., Montrose

Editor’s note: We’re glad you will choose AAA next time you are in Purgatory—and don’t forget our travel agency can also arrange a trip to Hell (in Michigan), Paradise (in Nevada) or Valhalla (in New York).

Working on the railroad

Besides the American Hiking Association’s volunteer program mentioned in your May/June issue, there is a unique volunteer opportunity in Colorado. The Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad repair and restore equipment on the nation’s most scenic and historic narrow-gauge steam railroad. In 2010, there are six work sessions on the railroad, and continuous volunteer activities at the Friends’ Albuquerque office and Colorado Springs restoration facility. Volunteer information can be found at

—Claude W., Colorado Springs

Denver mountain parks

I just read your nice article about the Denver Mountain Parks [May/June]. I was surprised that there was no mention of Winter Park Ski Area. I’ve had the impression ever since my very first ski day at Winter Park in 1948 that it was a Denver city park.

—Peggy, Colorado Springs

Editor’s note: As far as we can discover, Winter Park became part of the Denver Mountain Parks system in 1939. The route in the article follows the original circle drive route planned in 1910, before Winter Park was added.

I enjoy reading articles like Jeff Miller’s on Denver’s mountain parks and their rich history. There is no more exhilarating sight than from Mt. Evans, but unless they’ve done some major work up there, it should not be attempted in a larger-sized vehicle. The “highest paved road in America” is not in good condition, and once started up, has few places to turn around. Sheer dropoffs are not for the faint of heart.

—Mary L., Denver

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